Dvorak – Symphony No. 8 – Pierce O’Brien Conductor

Dvorak – Symphony No. 8 – Pierce O’Brien Conductor
September 20, 2018 Pierce O'Brien
In Conducting
Dvorak - Symphony No. 8 - Pierce Conductor

Conducted by Pierce G. O/Brien – Dvorak – Symphony No. 8 – Sunday, September 23rd – 6PM – Turner Recital Hall, Vanderbilt. Be there!

This week is the culmination of a project that started for me months ago. In preparing the score, in recruiting my musicians, and in rehearsing them this week, I have felt a sense of accomplishment and meaning, and there continue to be signs that reinforce my belief that this is the right career field for me. At the first rehearsal, I told my orchestra something very important. I conveyed my belief that every musical experience should be as fun as possible, and it was my goal to bring that to all of our rehearsals. So far everyone is enjoying themselves greatly, including myself.


Join us as we present the fruits of our labor in a short concert of Dvorak’s Eighth Symphony this coming Sunday (9/23) at 6pm at the Blair School of Music in the Steve and Judy Turner Recital Hall. To watch from home, follow this link and find the live stream from Steve and Judy Turner Recital Hall: https://blair.vanderbilt.edu/live-streams.php